TONIGHT! Culture & Resistance: A Night of Performance & Music to Urge Justice for Kayla Moore

Black Trans* Women's Lives Matter is co-sponsoring 'Culture & Resistance: A Night of Performance & Music to Urge Justice for Kayla Moore'(an unarmed Black trans woman killed by Berkeley police inside her own home. More info: )

Where: Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, California
When: 7:30 pm (doors), 8:00 pm (program begins)
More info: Facebook event (HERE)
Tickets: Buy HERE  - $15 day of / $10 advance

Join us to celebrate and honor Kayla Moore and build support her family. We welcome you to bring something to place on our altar for Kayla.

The night will feature:
~ Tasha, a one-woman play by Cat Brooks, based on the 2015 murder of Natasha McKenna by Virginia police. Followed by a talk-back with Kayla's sister Maria Moore and Cat Brooks.
~ Po' Poetsfrom POOR Magazine.
~ Kaila Love, Berkeley-based rapper, singer and songwriter.
~ Gina Madrid aka Raw-G, Oakland based rapper, emcee

Sponsored by Justice 4 Kayla Moore, Anti P…

#SayHerName Wakeisha, Kayla, Mitrise: Teach In and Speak Out on State Violence Against Black Women and Girls

"#SayHerName Wakeisha, Kayla, Mitrise: Teach In and Speak Out on State Violence  Against Black Women and Girls"
- 5:30pm - Welcoming community gathering
- 6pm - Teach In, invited speakers and healers, open mic
- 7pm to 8pm - Community drum circle hosted by S.H.I.N.E. Muwasi (a traditional African female drum and dance ensemble) and musical director Rene Fisher-Mims. Concludes with prayer vigil

Today cities across the U.S. and the world are coming together in solidarity to Say Her Name, honor Her life and to draw attention to the epidemic of police brutality, state sanctioned human rights violations and extreme male violence (both domestic and hate crimes) targeting Black women and girls. This call to action was put out by BYP100, Black Lives Matter Network, Project South, Ferguson Action and other activists and community members to expose and abolish state violence against ALL Black women and girls.

To find a #SayHerName action near your city please visit:

Black Lives Matter's National Call to Action: Trans Liberation Tuesday - Los Angeles Action: L.A. LIVE 4 Black Trans* LIVES

L.A. LIVE 4 Black Trans* LIVES
 L.A. Black trans* community organizers, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter​ National Team’s ‘Trans Liberation Tuesday’ emergency call to action, invite you to this local rally and action entitled 'L.A. LIVE 4 Black Trans* LIVES' which is in response to the escalating murders of Black trans* women in the U.S..
Time/Locations: Tuesday, August 25th. 6-8pm. 6:00pm: Convene at corner of Pico/Figueroa - 6:30pm: Sharing/testimonials – 7:00pm: RALLY at the entrance of L.A. LIVE highlighting Black trans* women and Black trans* femme speakers. Followed by a march and an action
In collaboration with Black Trans* Women's Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter: Los Angeles, Familia: TQLM, Gender Justice LA, LAQRand local transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming community members/advocates, and supported by LGBQ and non-trans straight allies, this demonstration centers on the plight of Black trans* women’s lives who face the brunt of oppression and h…

The Man Who Confessed To The NYPD In 2013 Of Murdering Black Trans Woman Islan Nettles Has Finally Been Arrested and Indicted, Yet Now James Dixon Pleads ‘Not Guilty’?

A Brooklyn man named James Dixon was arrested earlier today for the 2013 murder in Harlem of Islan Nettles, a 21 year-old Black woman of trans experience.
Dixon, 24, has been indicted for both manslaughter and felony assault, and pled not guilty during today’s arraignment. However, Dixon’s not guilty plea is in complete contrast to his *written* and *video*confession of the crime he gave nearly two years ago. On August 21, 2013, just days after the attack, Dixon voluntarily turned himself in to the authorities and gave his admission of guilt statements to officers of the 32nd Precinct. Shockingly, he was still  released from custody and has been at large up until today’s arrest.
On August 17, 2013, Islan Nettles and her girlfriends were walking near Frederick Douglas Blvd and West 148th St in Harlem. A few men approached the women, including Dixon and his friend Paris Wilson, and soon began hurling transphobic and misogynistic words at Nettles. Things quickly escalated and ended with D…

[VIDEO] Trans Advocate Kristen Parker Speaks: Hypocrisy of Some Non-Trans Blacks Implying ‘Civil Rights’ Aren’t for Black Trans Women; Fatal Domestic Violence; Penny Proud; Media Misgendering the Deceased

Following the tragic murder last week in New Orleans of a 21 year old Black trans woman named Penny Proud, noted NYC trans advocate Kristen Parker quickly responded with a moving video commentary which was so unedited and emotionally powerful that it quickly went viral in many trans and ally circles.
Kristen is 33, from the Bronx and is currently the Program Coordinator of MCCNY’s Trans in Action. Towards the beginning of Kristen’s near five minute long video she exclaims,
“We are human, we are here! There is nothing that you can do that is going to change the fact that I exist…There is nothing that you can do at this point that can stifle our voice. You can take one of us away and ten more will come!”
Throughout the video Kristen reiterated her disdain for the double standard often seen in some non-trans African American individuals (including some Black churches, many hip hop lyrics, online comments sections, Black national/local non-profits and some racial social justice advocacy sp…

'Nominate to Discriminate' (Open Letter Poem to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Regarding Their Problematic Oscar Nominations)


Nominate to Discriminate by Ashley Love (An Open Letter Poem to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Regarding Their Problematic Oscar Nominations) The Academy’s Oscar actor nominations are all white this year
What is it about Black, Brown and Yellow that you fear?
David Oyelowo’s performance in Selma is the cream of the crop
'Selma' director Ava DuVernay's talent shines brightly on top
Yet your primarily all white male jury has shut them out

Seriously?What are these "choices" truly about?
Is it studio politics, money related or a slap in the face?
Whatever the reasons, your actions are a total disgrace
Nominations were announced on Martin Luther King’s birthday

If he were alive I’m sure he’d have a whole lot to say
“I had a dream that awards would be based on merit alone,
That sinister politics and exclusion would not be condoned,
Jury demographics would accurately reflect the U.S. of A.,
This year at the Oscars will be a grey, colorless day”
The people are not acce…

Trans Day of Remembrance: Light a Candle To Remember. Light a Candle for Hope

Today is the annual Trans Day of Remembrance, where we honor the many transsexual, transgender or gender non-conforming people who lost their lives to violence. The high majority of trans* people murdered each year are Black and Latina women of transsexual experience.
We at Black Trans* Women's Lives Matter are sending warmth and love to all those who have lost a loved one due to male violence, transphobia and bigotry.
Please light a candle today to honor those we have lost and to shine a light on this epidemic so that things will get better.
  Our Lightwill wipe out all darkness. OurLovewill overcome all hate. Our Determination Forward will surpass all backwardness  Our Hope for Change will overwhelm all fear based thinking and actions Our Acts of Compassion will outnumber acts of violence Our Community will inspire a more understanding and safer world

To find a vigil near you, please go to